Anthony Stewart

University City (UCity), MO | 630 North and South


Momos is a nice little getaway for singles, couples or a small group of 3 to 5 people.  The seating is comfortable and the environment overall is cozy.  They only have one bathroom but it is kept very clean.  They have a couple of flat screen TV's but they are more so for viewing than listening.

For fries and a beer, Momos gets an A+.  They keep it simple  and deliver!  You get a nice amount of Fries crinkled, salted and hot.  Ketchup basic with no special flavors added.  The beer is what you order but they serve 'em ice cold plus the frosted glass if you wish.  You're looking at about $7 for both and it's worth it!

The Crab Cakes didn't do it for me.  I am a big fan of them and have come to expect them to be in a certain range of texture and taste.  These were not in that range.  They really should be call Caper Cakes because they taste more of Capers
than Crab. 

I thought the sauce (which was pleasant) with the peppers would complete the picture better for me, but no. If you love Capers, this is for you!

To close out I had the Fava Bean Hummus.  Now I have never had Fava Beans before this visit but I was very pleased with them. I now prefer them over the regular ver. they carry.  The pita bread and veggies that came with them were as good as always and fresh. 

The wine, a Reisling and it was very good!  "Heinz Eifel Shine" or Shine for short is fruity, floral, crisp and slightly sweet.  In fact, on a hot day, it's worth the trip to Momos if for nothing else.

Overall, Momos is always a nice choice.  If you are new to Greek food or wondering what that even means, just know that its American/Western Cuisine in its early stages.  They use plenty of Olive Oil, have plenty of meat and fish dishes and they carry nothing but fresh vegetables. If you want to do something different, some place different, that's quiet and off the beaten path... do Momos!



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